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Shipment Arriving Soon

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Riggers began putting together a massive, 19-axle trailer at Riverwalk Marina this week in preparation for moving a 160-ton frame to Carpenter Technology in Tanner.

Carpenter Technology, a $500 million steel plant being built in Limestone County, expects the frame for a hydraulic radial press — the largest in the world — to arrive from Germany at the marina between July 30 and Aug. 5.

Carpenter hired HWP Rigging, a St. Louis-based rigging and transportation company, to transport the frame from Riverwalk to Carpenter at Thomas Hammons Road and U.S. 31.

The press will be the main component of the plant, Carpenter spokesman Bucky Rudolph said.

It will take three deliveries to get the parts to Carpenter, said Josh Cummings, HWP sales and marketing manager. Riggers began preparing the trailer Wednesday.

After arriving at Wheeler Lake, riggers will load it onto the modular, 19-axle trailer. Rudolph said specialized equipment will be used to unload the frame and could take two to three days.

Modular trailers are designed to distribute weight, making heavy loads safe for roadway travel. The transport will happen overnight because it will be a slow roll — the trailer travels at 3 to 5 miles per hour, Rudolph said.

Carpenter will cover 400,000 square feet on a 232-acre site in Tanner. Carpenter, based in Wyomissing, Pa., produces and refines steel to make specialized alloy steel used in the aerospace industry.

The plant is expected to be complete in 2014, bringing 250 jobs to the area, Rudolph said.