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HWP offers rigging, engineering, super lifts, plant relocations, warehousing, export packaging, specialized transportation, electrical/mechanical, and logistics services. As a leader in the rigging industry we are continuously adding to and updating our fleet of equipment. Our goal is to offer turnkey services to our customers by providing a complete relocation solution for a wide variety of heavy loads. We maintain partnerships with other contractors and specialize in organizing the necessary tools and personnel to successfully manage and complete your job.


HWP possesses the necessary knowledge and training to provide innovative solutions for relocating industrial and commercial equipment of any size and shape. We service a wide variety of industries including: manufacturing, medical, petrochemical, electrical distribution, art, and others. Our experienced staff and wide selection of rigging equipment gives us the ability to address a wide range of rigging and logistics problems.

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HWP can provide comprehensive, innovative solutions for a wide range of heavy lifting and rigging applications. We have a thirty-year history of accident-free lifts to accompany the superior skills of our project managers, engineers, and field technicians.

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Our in-house staff of engineers and project managers plan every step of your project to determine which rigging equipment and personnel are best suited to move your load safely and efficiently.

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Whether you’re consolidating, moving across the street, moving across the country, or moving in or out of the country, HWP rigging can handle your project from start to finish. We carefully plan and execute every stage of the moving process, from sourcing trained factory technicians to assist in machine startup to providing logistical solutions for transportation, loading, unloading, and placement of equipment.

Our 160,000 square foot facility in St. Louis, Missouri offers quick access to major interstates and railways. Our central location makes our storage facility an ideal hub for distribution throughout the United States.

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HWP offers complete export packaging services, including crate fabrication, heat-treated wood and steel skids, blocking/bracing of shipping containers and preparation of bulk items for shipping.

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Our trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to service secondary utilities on most machinery. This eliminates the need to hire factory technicians for disassembly/reassembly of machines and can result in a large cost savings. Precision leveling and alignment services are also available. Our staff is well-versed in the use of specialized tools such as laser transits, levels, and calipers; making the precise alignment of your machine a quick and simple task.

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Our team of transportation and rigging experts can offer a streamlined, turnkey solution package for your next big move. We have the capability and experience to handle all aspects of your project.

No matter how large, heavy or seemingly complicated your transportation project may be, our state-of-the-art tractors, trailers, and transporters have the ability to accommodate nearly any oversize/overweight load.

For extremely heavy loads moved a relatively short distance a popular solution is our Goldhofer ® modular transporters. These amazing machines can be combined and separated to build the perfect size transporter for your load. Axles can be added or removed to change soil load dispersion profiles. These machines are capable of operating in very tight quarters and can execute turns that would be impossible for a standard heavy-haul tractor trailer.

For long distance over-the-road transport, HWP offers a wide selection of multi-axle steerable trailers. Our 13 axle perimeter trailer is ideal for hauling tall or delicate loads. This trailer positions the load inside of its frame, keeping the load low to the ground and completely protected on all sides. We also have several conventional 13 and 18 axle steerable trailers for the transport of overweight loads. These trailers’ steerable stinger units and removable jeep’s add load carrying capacity over highways and maintain the rig’s ability to negotiate corners well once the load arrives on site.

For smaller loads, our fleet of over fifty heavy-haul and special applications trailers is suited to provide an ideal transport solution for whatever the load may be.

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